Golf carts were once a luxury for golfers, but their convenience and maneuverability have made them a go-to vehicle for a variety of people. They’re cheaper to purchase and to maintain than a standard vehicle, they’re great for hauling people and cargo over short distances, and they’re enjoyable to drive. Due to the growing popularity of golf carts over the last few decades, people have more selection than ever when choosing a golf cart model to buy.

The market offers many different types of golf carts, each with its own special features. This variety allows people to find the right golf cart for their needs, whether they live in a beachside town and need space for inner tubes or they’re exploring the hills of a more mountainous region. While many golf cart features depend on your needs, others are par for the course when buying a luxury golf cart. What are the most popular features for golf carts?

How to choose golf cart features?

Electric Propulsion

While older models of golf carts ran on gas, modern golf carts have been replaced with electric powered motors. Electric golf carts are cleaner, quieter, and a more ecologically responsible method of travel for excursions and golfing.

Electric propulsion reduces emissions, which not only quietens the trip, but is also much better for the environment than a gas-powered golf cart. People are more mindful of sustainability than they were in the past, and choosing an electric golf cart not only eliminates emissions from golf cart usage, but also reduces the amount of time spent driving larger gas or hybrid vehicles, which further reduces golf cart owners’ ecological footprint. 

Extended Battery Options

The efficiency and longevity of golf cart batteries are critical factors in modern golf cart designs. New batteries often have a longer lifespan, better energy efficiency, and fewer maintenance requirements than older models. Whether you’re buying a new golf cart with a powerful battery or upgrading to a new battery in an older electric cart, a high quality golf cart battery helps you drive farther without the need for regular recharges, giving you a more dependable experience.

Powerful batteries enhance golf cart performance, allowing them to easily traverse difficult terrains like mountainous landscapes or unpaved roads. Advances in battery design improve all styles of golf carts, whether or not they’re street-legal. Choosing a golf cart with a powerful battery improves its adaptability to drive in inclement weather, on difficult terrain, and with heavy cargo. Buying a new battery is one of the most popular, effective, and cost-effective ways to get more performance out of your golf cart. 

Variable Speed Control

Electric golf carts with variable speed controls are a game-changer. Variable speed control provides precise and flexible handling, not just on the golf course, but also in other environments. With the help of this ground-breaking technology, the driver has unmatched control over the cart’s speed, which is essential for handling a variety of terrains with ease. Variable speed control has become a crucial instrument to improve the overall functionality and flexibility of electric golf carts no matter where you drive them.

With the advancements in variable speed control technology, modern golf carts can achieve precise speeds with smoother transitions, helping drivers to regulate their speed, perform more complex driving maneuvers, and increase the safety of all passengers in a variety of driving conditions. If you’re looking for more precise control of your golf cart, you’ll understand the popularity of advanced variable speed control features in golf carts. 

Quiet Operation

The introduction of electric carts has completely changed the ambiance of gated societies, providing a new level of serenity thanks to their quiet operation. Gas-powered golf carts have loud motors, which can disturb the peace both around and inside the golf cart. Thanks to advancements in technology, electric golf carts boast a nearly silent operation, allowing you (and your neighbors) to enjoy peace during early morning drives. With the noise pollution of traffic affecting so much of people’s daily lives, it’s no wonder that quiet operation is a major draw for buying an electric golf cart. 

Comfortable Seating and Upholstery

The supple, cozy curves and plush fabric of luxury golf cart seats makes them the pinnacle of ergonomic elegance. Golf cart seats, which feature premium upholstery, are the ideal fusion of fashion and function, showcasing a design that emphasizes both aesthetic appeal and daily comfort. They stay comfortable even on longer rides, and their high quality construction ensures that they remain in great condition for years when properly maintained. 

Golf Bag Storage

Most electric golf cart models include roomy golf bag storage that was thoughtfully designed to hold a variety of cargo. It’s easily accessible, making your adventures and errands alike easier to organize. Different model golf carts offer additional storage options, so you can tailor your experience whether you need a basket for your phone, a roof rack for hunting equipment, or a closed cargo box for carrying groceries. Modern golf cart storage is more spacious and convenient than ever. 

Weather Protection Features

While most people leave their golf carts indoors during inclement weather, everyone has experienced unexpected changes in the forecast. Modern golf carts are designed to withstand temporary exposure to the elements, whether you’re caught in a downpour or trying to keep cool with a cross breeze during sweltering heat. Golf cart exteriors have sealants to protect them from bad weather and natural debris like leaves. The seats are made of strong, water-resistant material, so they stay protected whether they’re hit with a sheet of rain or a waterlogged kid riding home from the pool. LED brake lights add extra safety to the golf cart, increasing visibility during low light, fog, and unexpected rainstorms. We also offer golf cart covers so you can park your cart outdoors without fear of water stains, rust, or falling debris. If you take care to maintain your golf cart, these weather protection features will help your investment last even longer.


GPS and Navigation

Golf cart owners profit from an advanced GPS system that precisely tracks their travels as long as they have a signal. This technology works like a digital map, carefully calculating the topography, distances, and potential barriers in your trip. Whether you’re cruising down the street to a new restaurant or driving a new nature trail, GPS navigation gives you the confidence that you’ll never travel too far off the beaten path. Having a built-in GPS system helps you conserve your cell phone battery, but even if your phone dies before you’re back in familiar territory, you won’t have to worry about getting lost. It’s a great tool for both convenience and safety, giving you a better all-around experience. 


When you’re shopping for a golf cart, there are a lot of elements to consider. It’s important to make a list of your essential golf cart accessories‘ features, especially when choosing a street-legal electric golf cart. Know in advance how much battery power you need, if you need any additional seating, and what storage solutions will best suit your needs. Look at a variety of models to see if the golf cart comes with your must-have amenities, and if it doesn’t, research options for upgrading its amenities. Different golf cart models are built with different usage in mind, so whether you’re planning to tackle unpaved roads, hilly terrain, or smooth and simple cart paths, has the model for you. 

If you’re looking for the electric golf cart of your dreams, shop at We have a variety of golf carts to choose from, from the entry-model Rookie to the rugged, off-roading Beast. You can find a full list of golf cart features on each model’s page, or contact our team for a personalized recommendation about which golf cart is right for you.