Is a six seater golf cart right for you? Do you have a big family or a lot of friends? If so, you’ll want to check out 6-seater golf carts!

These carts are often referred to as a “stretch” golf cart due to their extra-long body. They’re perfect for larger groups who want to stay together during their outing.

In this post, we’ll discuss the specs of these carts, how much they cost, and some of the benefits of owning a big golf cart.

We’ll also give you some tips on where to buy them!

Leged Stretch Upgrade Six Seater Golf Cart

Golf Cart Power

These carts are powered by 48V or 72V batteries. This means they have plenty of power to get you where you need to go, even if you’re carrying a full load.

With modern battery technology (lithium) you can get up to 30-35 miles on a single charge. That’s a long ride!

There is no need to worry about power, performance or build durability when looking at 6-seater golf carts.

With an lithium electric model you’ll also be getting all the torque you need – and some you don’t.


With six seats, you’ll be able to bring more friends or family along. No passenger left behind.

No more splitting up the party – everyone can stay together and have a good time during the entire excursion.

Don’t have need the extra seating capacity all the time? You can still get the most out of the extra space by using it for storage.

The space is yours to do what you want with it after all! 

How Long is a 6 Seater Golf Cart?

We get a lot of questions about the dimensions of a six seater golf cart!

Our stretch Legend golf cart is around 11.5 feet long, 4-feet wide, and 5.5 feet tall.

That means it’s still under the length of a small car which are usually just under 14 feet. 

That’s plenty of room for every passenger to be comfortable!

While these dimensions aren’t absolute. You’ll find similar measurements in all the “stretch” six seater golf carts.

They are long, but they are more than capable of fitting in a garage or carport.

Just make sure to measure your space before you get it home. 

Golf Carts Cost

So how much does an electric six seat golf cart cost?

Prices starting around $10000 and going all the way to $17000, depending on the features and brand.

That MSRP price can feel high at first but you can find good deals and get a brand new cart in mint condition!

We think it’s worth every penny when you consider how much fun you’ll have!

Not to mention the versatility and utility a 6-seater cart will give you. They bring a lot to the table.

We suggest getting the lithium battery upgrade. Lithium will help you go further and holds a charge like a champ.

They make work easier and play better. You can bring the whole family (and friends) together with a 6-seater cart!

Bring everyone down to the fishing hole or simply keep the group together while you traverse the golf course. The more the merrier!

Where to Buy a Golf Cart

Ready to purchase your own 6-seater golf cart?

You can find out more about them at any of our stores, both online at and in person.

We’re not a golf cart dealer! We’re a company that sells factory direct so there is no middleman markup.

You’ll get the best price right off the bat and that always feels good when you’re buying a vehicle.

We love our electric carts and we think you will too! You can check them out here –

Electric vs Gas

There are quite a few things to thing about and reasons why you might want to choose an electric cart over a gas-powered one:

Environmental Friendliness:

Battery-powered carts produce zero emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly option than gas-powered carts.

Cost Savings:

These carts are generally more cost-effective to operate than gas-powered carts. Battery-powered carts require less maintenance and service fees and have lower fuel costs, which can add up to significant savings over time. 

Quiet Operation:

Battery-powered carts operate quietly, which can be an advantage on the golf course or in residential areas where noise levels are a concern and you won’t ruin a picturesque view any loud noise (you know, for all the mountaintop picnics you’ll be having now that you’re in the golf cart club).

Smooth Ride:

An electric cart will give you a smooth and consistent ride both on the street and on the golf course, with no jerking or surging that can occur with gas-powered carts.


Electric carts can be charged easily, with no need to head to a service station to refill gas tanks or handle messy fuel. Additionally, battery-powered golf carts can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet, making them convenient to charge.

Legend-Cart 6 Seater Golf Cart

The Legend (Stretch Upgrade)

Looking for an all-electric golf cart that looks great and performs even better? Check out the Legend Cart from MD Carts with our stretch upgrade!

This stylish cart comes with 7 color LED lights inside the cabin and undercarriage, Bluetooth audio with 2 speakers, a speedometer, rear hitch, side bars, 12v accessory plug, and USB charging port.

It rivals most full-sized vehicles.

Plus, it has a lifted chassis and 14” wheels and bigger tires perfect for paved surfaces or off-road excursions!

You can get the Legend cart with an LSV build package. This requires it to be titled, registered and insured as a motor vehicle. Additional state and local taxes and fees may apply.

*The street legal package is solely the equipment necessary to operate on unregulated roads. Please check with your local and state laws regarding on-road use and what will make your cart street-legal. 

When it’s time to charge up, simply plug into the onboard charger.

Need more details? Talk to one of our golf cart experts! We offer financing too – so you really have no reason not to drive away with your dream cart!

Whether you’re cruising around the neighborhood or hitting the green, the Legend Cart is sure to turn heads. Plus, with 6 seats available, you can take everyone with you.

In Conclusion

The unrivaled hauling capacity of a 6-seater golf cart makes them ideal for a large family or someone who just likes to take all their friends along when playing golf, camping, or fishing.

You’ll be so happy that you just bought an express pass to the golf cart club!

With plenty of power and range in our lithium upgrade, these stretch carts have no problem getting you and your crew where you need to go.

They have the same dependability as their smaller counterparts, so you can feel good about getting that extra space.

When you have a 6-seater golf cart, no one gets left behind! Onward!