Gas vs electric golf carts is a hot topic. Some people feel strongly for each one of them!

When it comes to golf carts, there are two main types: electric and gas.

Both have their own set of pros and cons, which can make it difficult to decide which one is better for you. In this blog post, we will break down gas vs electric golf carts and compare them in different areas such as maintenance, power, torque, motors, and more.

We will also help you decide if a gas or electric cart is the right choice for you! 

Let’s take a look at some different categories and do a side-by-side comparison. 

The Legend cart is perfect for families with no gas fumes and totally quiet vs a gas cart


Gas Golf Carts

As their name implies, these carts run on pump gas. This can be convenient, since they can easily be filled up by simply using a gas pump or pouring gas from a can. Most carts will have a 4-cycle engine. 

Electric Golf Carts

These carts run on batteries that store electricity. Modern carts run on powerful 48V-volt batteries. This gives them surprising power and capabilities that surprise many. Batteries will last a long time if properly maintained. 

Run Time

Gas Carts

With a gas-powered cart, you can get 120 miles or more out of a tank of gas. This allows you to drive for a long time before needing to refuel, but is it necessary? Read on to find out. 

Electric Carts

Electric powered carts will get you up to 30-35 miles on a single charge, depending on the battery type. While this is quite a bit lower than their gas-powered counter parts, it is nothing to be concerned with.

Most golf carts users ride around 10 miles in a day. So, you have plenty of range to do whatever you’d like. Whether that be golfing, cruising, or exploring. It’s also important to note that modern carts have battery meters, so you’ll always know how much juice you have!


Gas Carts

Having the gas engine does have some advatanges. However, in the maintenance department, it is a disadvantage.

More parts mean more things to maintain, think pumps, spark plugs, starters etc. You’ll also need oil changes. More regular maintenance will be required to keep your carts running strong. 

Electric Carts Are Easy to Maintain

Your electric cart will still require basic maintenance and battery checks, but less parts to malfunction, and no oil, means less maintenance and costly repairs

Yes, you may have to replace your battery every 5-8 years (if properly maintained), but at the end of the day it is cheaper than the regular maintenance needed for a gas cart over those years. 


This part of your read won’t require a two-part comparison. It is no secret that electric engines have more torque than gas.

Gas engines produce power every other rotation, while electric engines produce power with every rotation.

Electric engines have instant torque that you can feel. This helps you get going and get things done.


Gas Carts

Gas engine carts have respectable top speeds and acceleration. On average, you’re looking at a top speed of 18-20 mph. 

Electric Carts

Believe it or not, electric powered carts get a victory here.

Modern 48V carts, on average, will have 25-30 mph top speeds. Some can even hit 35 mph with modification! With that much speed, you may finish your rounds of golf early and have time to get dinner before going home!


This is another portion of our comparison that won’t require a split comparison. Electric carts are cheaper to buy and to own. You can look at prices all day, and you’re mostly going to see that the initial cost of buying cart is lower when you buy electric. 

As far as expenses over time, electric wins again. Back-pedaling a bit to our maintenance section, electric carts have less parts and require less overall maintenance. Gas carts simply have more parts, as well as oil changes to consider.

The cost of replacing a battery every 5-8 years is simply just cheaper when compared to part replacement costs that a gas cart will have over the same time frame. 

Resale Value

Modern electric carts and gas carts will have similar resale values. However, gas carts will outdo their electric cousins in this category. Even if by a small margin. It is worth saying, that electric tech is improving rapidly, and this won’t be the case in the near future. 

Which cart is right for you?

While both carts have their strong points, for most people an electric golf cart will do wonderfully. They are cheaper to buy and own. With more than enough range to do whatever you enjoy doing with your cart, be it work or play. 

However, if you want your cart to be a workhorse, like working all day long on 50 acres and riding fence, a gas cart will be better for you. It may also be better for you if you don’t access to reliable power. 

It is a common misconception that gas carts are more durable than electric carts. This is simply not the case. Your decision should be based on what you will do with your cart. 

The Legend
Are you looking for a sleek and stylish golf cart that performs even better than it looks? Look no further than the Legend Cart!

This all-electric golf cart from MD Carts comes with 7 color LED lights inside the cabin and under the car, Bluetooth audio with 2 speakers, a speedometer, rear hitch, sidebars, a 12v accessory plug, and a USB charging port.

The lifted chassis provides extra clearance while the 14” wheels give you a smooth-capable ride. Choose from body color or black/silver finishing. The onboard charger makes it easy to keep your Legend Cart fully charged and ready to go!

Legend all electric golf cart - gas vs electric golf carts

Both gas and electric carts are great vehicles, but when comparing gas vs electric golf carts, electric carts will be best for most people.

Hunting, golfing, cruising, and even working can be done easily in an electric cart.

They will even outperform gas carts in torque and speed. They are also much quieter. 

If you need to push the limits of your cart regularly, such as extra-long workdays in remote areas or riding a fence on a large farm, a gas cart will be better for you. Not having reliable access to power is also a reason to lean in the gas cart direction. 

Whatever cart you choose with, always be sure to operate it in a safe manner and use caution while driving. Safety first, contact us now or visit our dealership!

Happy Carting!