Golf carts aren’t just a means of transportation on the golf course; they’re versatile vehicles used for a variety of purposes in everyday life. Golf carts are great for neighborhood errands, cruising around a large property, and easily transporting camping gear or picnic items to your favorite nature spot. Customizing your golf cart according to your personality, style, and preference ensures that your vehicle is perfectly suited to your needs. Want to learn how to customize your golf cart? We have the inside scoop to take your golf cart to the next level. 

Add Functionality & Style to Your Golf Cart

Want to add functionality to your golf cart for an experience tailor-made for you? There are many ways to get a custom golf cart. First, you’ll want to select your base cart, set a budget, and choose your favorite style. Make sure you have a list of what functionality you want for your golf cart and shop to find the perfect accessories. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your golf cart, from paint and decals to give it personal flair to installing a lift kit to add more off-road functionality. Other great ways to customize your golf cart include upgrading the wheels, buying new tires, installing LED lights, and checking out our other golf cart accessories to make your vehicle unique. For interior customization, you can add additional seats, floor mats, and sound systems to create a custom golf cart experience.

Looking to enhance your golf cart’s performance? You don’t have to upgrade the suspension to make your car a top performer. Simply upgrade the battery to tackle a variety of terrain with plenty of power. Have too much to haul? A storage basket or rear cargo box will give you added storage for groceries, outdoor equipment, or your kids’ gear. While you’re investing in golf cart customization, look into upgraded safety features like new lighting, rearview mirrors, or seat belts.

A guide to customization your golf cart.

Customize Your Golf Cart With a Rear Seat Kit

Adding a rear seat kit to your golf cart is an easy way to make it more functional. Adding a back seat kit instantly upgrades the function of your golf cart since you can safely transport more passengers. It also adds a convenient place to store additional cargo. Even better? It increases the value of your cart, so when you’re ready for an upgrade, you’ll have more to put towards your next golf cart. Rear seat kits come in various styles, designs, and colors, so you can find one that matches your style and preference. They’re also easy to install and don’t require any specialized tools. Need help installing a rear seat kit in your golf cart? Our staff is always here to help!

Improve Your Golf Cart Rides With New Tires & Wheels

Are you tired of bumpy rides? Take your golf cart customization to another level by upgrading the tires and wheels of your golf cart. This is an upgrade that’s often overlooked, but installing custom tires and wheels can completely transform your golf cart’s performance and appearance, making it look and perform better. Whether you’re cruising on paved paths or driving off-road, investing in high-quality tires and wheels will give you a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Before investing in new golf cart tires or wheels, take an honest look at your needs. Do you stick to the paved pathways of gated communities, or do you veer off the beaten path? Do you need sturdy wheels to handle the weight of frequent cargo, or do you mostly drive with passengers? You can compare the styles in the accessories shop to find tires and wheels that suit your golf cart and your lifestyle. Always double check the specs before you purchase new golf cart accessories to ensure compatibility with your golf cart model. 

Give Your Golf Cart a Performance Upgrade

If you want more speed and excitement, it’s time to unleash the full potential of your golf cart. While golf carts are known for delivering leisurely drives, there are ways to boost their power. Need a golf cart with some serious hauling power? Upgrading the motor is a game-changer if you need a heavy-duty golf cart for hauling heavy equipment. Consider replacing the stock motor with a higher-performance electric motor with more horsepower and torque. This upgrade can significantly boost your golf cart’s speed and make it faster, even when weighed down. 

Another way to enhance your golf cart speed is to upgrade the controller. You can upgrade to a programmable controller, which allows you to fine-tune your golf cart’s power outputs. This optimizes the performance and speed of your golf cart. With an upgraded controller and advanced control over the motor, you can achieve higher speed while maintaining safety, stability, and control of your golf cart. 

Need advise on how to make your golf cart faster without sacrificing safety? Contact the golf cart pros at 

Enhance Your Golf Cart with Style and Functionality

Make Your Golf Cart Stand Out With LED Lights

Adding LED lights to your golf cart improves safety, adds functionality, and enhances the luxury look of your golf cart. LED lights come in different styles and forms, such as underbody lighting, LED headlights, and LED taillights. LED lights are energy-efficient, and they’re also brighter and longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs. They ensure better visibility during the evening or when driving in fog, so you can drive your golf cart more often with a greater assurance of safety. 

LED lights are available in various styles and colors, allowing you to personalize your golf cart according to your style. LED lighting is a functional and stylish upgrade for your golf cart.

Enhance Your Golf Cart With Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers add fun, excitement, and functionality to your golf cart. Whether you want music for an excursion or an easy way to listen to educational podcasts on the go, adding Bluetooth speakers are the perfect amenity for customizing your golf cart. With Bluetooth speakers built into your golf cart, you won’t have to remember your external speaker on your next road trip or camping adventure. With wireless connectivity inside your golf cart, you can connect your smartphone to play your favorite songs, tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks, adding more fun to your ride. You can also take hands-free phone calls for added safety while you drive. 

Our Bluetooth speakers feature high-quality sound and powerful audio output, so you can hear clearly despite wind resistance or ambient noise. Waterproof or weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker options will provide durability for a speaker system that won’t wear out or malfunction. And like most Bluetooth devices, this golf cart accessory is easy to connect or disconnect to multiple devices, giving you the freedom to pass audio control to other riders. If you’re looking for an affordable golf cart accessory with a big return on investment, Bluetooth speakers are the top pick.

Off-Road Modifications For Your Golf Cart

If you own a golf cart and want to take it off the beaten path, customize it with street tires, a lift kit, and other off-roading accessories. This will give your golf cart the traction it needs to handle rough terrain safely and comfortably. Want to take your golf cart hunting? Pick a custom paint job to help camouflage your golf cart for your next adventure. 

Upgrade Your Golf Cart's Performance

Customize Your Golf Cart at

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