The world of low-speed vehicles has witnessed a significant transformation with the introduction of electric golf carts. These low-maintenance, quiet, and eco-friendly vehicles have become common in residential communities, campgrounds, resorts, hotels, etc, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional gas-powered golf carts. 

Choosing between DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current) motors is essential to get the best golf cart ride. Each of these motors has its own set of advantages and characteristics. In this blog, we will tell you about what type of motor is in electric golf carts.  

We will also explore the features of AC motors, DC motors, and conversion kits that can transform your electric golf cart into a high-performance vehicle. So let’s talk about this topic in detail.

Understanding DC Motors

Lets begin with understanding the DC motors and how they impact the performance of an electric golf cart.  Direct Current (DC) motors have been the old and traditional choice for electric golf carts for several decades. 

The DC motors operate on the principle of a continuous flow of electric current in a single direction. Regarding golf carts, DC motors are commonly found in Sepex (Separately Excited) or Series configurations. So, know about both of these types.

Series Motors

The series motor is one of the most common types of DC motors used in electric golf carts. Series motors are known for their high torque characteristics and powerful performance, making them best for the stop-and-go nature of golf cart operation. 

These motors are called series motors because the armature winding and field winding are connected in series, which generates a powerful magnetic field that contributes to its spectacular torque capabilities. 

The advantage of series motors is their ability to deliver ample torque even at low speeds. This feature guarantees a responsive and smooth golf cart ride, especially if you want to take up your golf cart on hills or steep terrains.

Regen Motors

Regen motors convert kinetic energy into electrical energy during braking and feed it back into the battery. The regenerative braking feature is commonly associated with DC motors and has become a turnabout for electric golf carts.

This amazing regenerative process enhances the golf cart’s efficiency and contributes to an extended driving range. The regen motor is fantastic and is a testament to the innovation in sustainable transportation. Golf cart owners can enjoy longer and more powerful rides without the concern of depleting battery levels quickly; all this becomes possible because of the regenerative capabilities of these DC motors. 

Also, if you love hunting activities on your golf cart or are fond of off-roading, then the regen motors are perfect for your golf cart.

Electric golf cart motor types

Understanding AC Motors

While DC motors have been the conventional choice for golf cart owners, the rise of Alternating Current (AC) motors has introduced a new direction to the electric golf cart landscape. AC motors result in a more dynamic and efficient system, as they operate by periodically reversing the direction of current flow.

AC Conversion Kit

One of the main advancements in electric golf carts is the availability of AC conversion kits, which allow golf cart owners to upgrade their existing DC motor system to a more powerful and advanced AC motor system. 

The AC conversion involves replacing the original direct current motor with a new alternative current motor and also upgrading the controller to accommodate the AC motor’s requirements. 

AC motors generally give better performance and higher efficiency than DC motors. They are also known for reduced maintenance requirements, smoother acceleration, and increased reliability. Additionally, AC motors also operate at a higher voltage and give enhanced climbing capabilities and improved speeds.

Speed Sensor Technology

The speed sensor is another crucial component in electric golf carts, especially those with AC motors. Speed sensors mainly monitor the rotation of the motor and also provide real-time feedback to the controller, which ensures precise control of your golf cart speed. 

The speed sensor technology gives your golf cart responsive and smooth performance and also allows for fine-tuning of speed. All this together gives golf cart owners ultimate precision while they are driving their golf cart on any terrain. 

It also gives more safety by preventing sudden acceleration or deceleration, which gives you a more enjoyable golf cart ride.

Understanding AC Motors

DC Vs. AC: Which One is the Right Choice?

The choice between DC and AC motors for electric golf carts depends on the specific preferences and requirements of the golf cart owner. Some key considerations include :

Maintenance Considerations

DC motors are typically considered easier to maintain than AC motors. If your priority is low maintenance requirements, then a DC motor system might be a practical option for you.

Top Speed Requirements

If you prioritize speed, then AC motors are a more practical option for you. AC motors, coupled with a high-voltage system, give higher speeds than DC motors. This can benefit golf cart owners who prefer a brisk pace during their drive.

Terrain & Driving Conditions

If you are planning to drive your golf cart on challenging terrains with steep hills and uneven surfaces, a series DC motor might be the best choice because it gives you high torque at low speeds. On the contrary, if you drive your golf cart in flat areas, an AC motor may provide a more efficient and smoother performance. 

If you still are unsure which motor to buy for your golf cart, you can always call us and discuss your preferences. We will suggest the most suitable motor for your needs and driving style.

Understanding DC Motors


The electric golf cart has witnessed a remarkable evolution in the recent past, driven by the introduction of innovative features and advancements in motor technology. Whether it’s the DC or AC motors, golf cart owners now have various options to choose from and tailor their golf carts to their specific needs and driving style.

Electric golf carts will become more powerful, efficient, and versatile as technology progresses, and the choice between AC and DC motors will continue to be influenced by maintenance considerations, terrain, speed, and personal preferences. 

Whatever the choice, one thing is sure: electric golf carts are here to stay, offering a quieter and greener alternative for golf cart owners who value sustainability and performance.

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