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Golf Carts For Sale in West Virginia

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Are you on the lookout for electric golf carts in West Virginia? Look no further than! Our rugged and adaptable golf carts are perfect for any user. We’ve got you covered if you love to ride around the neighborhood. Our golf carts are designed to make your experience comfortable, fun, and hassle-free. Contact us today. We have golf carts for sale in West Virginia and nearby areas.

Discover Excellence With

At, we only aim to provide the best. Many fun features are available when you use our new golf carts. Visit our Fredericksburg showroom to see a selection of our golf cart models; we are happy to serve people in Suton, Birch River, and Summersville. If you’re searching for a trustworthy all-terrain golf cart, check out West Virginia for amazing deals.

When using our golf carts, you can count on to provide you with the most comfortable driving experience. We offer the Legend and Beast models for individuals who want to drive in the West Virginia region safely and fashionably. You may thoroughly understand our products by visiting our Fredericksburg, West Virginia, store. Contact right now.

West Virginia’s Dealerships

You’re welcome at our dealership if you reside in Suton, Birch River, or Summersville. The salespeople at our dealership are knowledgeable about golf carts and have the necessary skills. If you have any queries regarding how our golf carts work on different types of terrain or how often the battery needs to be charged, we would be pleased to respond.

Our Fredericksburg shop offers many electric golf carts and golf cart accessories. If you’re in the market for a new golf cart, we have an extensive selection of models for you to choose from. If you currently own a golf cart and wish to improve it, our golf cart mounts, cargo storage, and covers can be a great addition. Contact right now to get durable golf carts.

West Virginia Golf Carts

Our Stores in West Virginia

If you live anywhere in West Virginia, visit our Fredericksburg showroom to view our golf carts. You are welcome to get assistance from our sales specialists in choosing your golf cart. There is a variety of golf carts to choose from. Our Beast model is your best option if you’re an off-road enthusiast searching for a golf cart that can provide top performance. You may talk to our sales representatives in the showroom if you have any queries or worries.

Some of our golf cart models come with basic amenities, but if you’d like just a few extra features, you may buy golf cart accessories. Our sales representatives would be pleased to show you our golf cart accessories selection and provide excellent assistance in choosing the right one for your automobile.

Our Golf Cart Models

With many options in our physical locations and online sites, you may personalize a golf cart to fit your needs and tastes. Among the variations we sell are Legend, Pro, Beast, and Rookie; each is distinct. Our golf carts have everything you need for off-roading, hunting, golfing, or relaxing in style.


Our entry-level golf cart, the Rookie Rookie, offers excellent performance at a fair price. Its 48-volt power system and six Interstate-brand lead-acid batteries make driving on and off the road sturdy and secure. Standard safety elements include stop lights, LED headlights, turn signals, and a foldable screen.


The PRO cart is unlike any other in terms of design and functionality. Thanks to its side flares, rearview mirror, special fold-down rear seat, black custom seats with a white sewn-in MD insignia, and many other amazing features, it suits a range of lifestyles. The PRO golf cart has strong 12″ aluminum wheels and a titan body for a safe and comfortable ride. With six Interstate brand lead-acid batteries and an onboard charger, it’s a beautiful choice for outdoor enthusiasts who like hunting and camping.

Golf cart dealerships in West Virginia


The Legend golf cart is the best choice for owners seeking the newest and most reliable features. This electric golf cart strikes the ideal mix between functionality and style. It features a USB charging connection, a rear hitch, sidebars, and Bluetooth audio. It’s easy to locate whether you’re driving the Legend cart on a golf course, through urban streets, or the breathtaking countryside of Virginia. It stands out and rides more smoothly over rough terrain because of its raised frame, which gives it more ground clearance. The 14-inch wheels of the Legend should provide for a comfortable and secure ride. Take a test drive at one of our nearby sites.


“The BEAST” is the greatest choice if you’re looking for a robust golf cart. The BEAST golf cart has two models: BEAST 48 and BEAST LE. These are intended for outdoor enthusiasts like shooting, hiking, and camping. Its strong electric motor makes driving in the backcountry and off-road simple. Because of its strong build, ample equipment capacity, and simplicity of use, it’s a popular choice for campgrounds and senior living facilities. Choose The BEAST 48 for maximum features and power or The BEAST LE for a little flare.

Golf Cart Accessories

Since we recognize that owners want additional features, upgrades, and ways to personalize their golf carts, we offer a selection of golf cart accessories to enhance the look and performance of golf carts. offers many golf cart accessories, such as lift kits, batteries, windshields, wheels, tires, mounts, covers, baskets, cup holders, and other upgrades to improve your golf cart.


Protect yourself from dirt, rain, wind, and debris with our durable golf cart windshields. Choose from various patterns, colors, and designs, including folding and tinted options, to fit your requirements. Visit our store to have your golf cart updated immediately.

Lifting Kits

Would you want your golf cart to have more ground clearance for aesthetic purposes? We provide the greatest lift kits you can get for your golf cart. Improve the way your golf cart rides and looks. Visit to explore options for a lift kit for your golf cart.

Golf Cart Batteries

Why Choose Us?

The staff at is aware of how crucial it is to choose a golf cart wisely. We aim for you to purchase golf carts and their accessories easily and confidently. Our staff goes above and beyond to assist you with financing your golf cart, answer your inquiries, and provide updates. Our courteous demeanor and unwavering dedication to excellence have garnered us the trust of golf cart proprietors nationwide.


You can trust to be your go-to source for golf cart accessories because of their extensive knowledge and the nationwide confidence of golf cart owners. Our staff is here to assist you at every turn.

Customizable Golf Carts

Would you want to modify your golf cart? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. Use our paint, decal, and upgrade choices to make your golf cart unique. We work with you to create a golf cart that is uniquely yours, right down to the personalized seats, wheels, and storage options.

Golf Cart Accessories

We always strive for quality. We create the most incredible golf carts and accessories in Arizona. Utilize our top-notch accessories to enhance your golf cart riding experience. Our inventory has a huge selection, so you can discover what you’re searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular tire maintenance is essential to ensure your electric golf cart lasts long and functions well. Check the tire pressure every month since over or underinflated tires may compromise handling and economy. Examine the tread for signs of wear and tear, and replace the tires if necessary. Periodically rotating tires increase life and encourage even wear, making for a safer and smoother ride.
Yes, very often. However, since lithium-ion batteries have distinct voltage characteristics, the conversion calls for specific modifications. To be sure your golf cart is compatible, speak with the manufacturer or a qualified technician. If you decide to transition, consider the advantages of greater longevity and energy efficiency.
Use a soft cloth or sponge and a little soap or windshield cleaner to regularly clean your electric golf cart's windshield. Refrain from using anything abrasive that could scratch the surface. Check the windshield for damage, scratches, and cracks regularly. Replace it if necessary. Clear sight and a longer windshield life are guaranteed with Proper Maintenance.

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Our staff members at in West Virginia would be delighted to assist you in locating your very first electric golf cart. If you have any inquiries about our golf carts or any other maintenance-related matters, please feel free to visit our showroom in West Virginia whenever you want. We would be delighted to provide you with our most luxurious golf carts.

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