Electric golf carts are much more than just street-legal vehicles; they can be used for various other tasks. These lightweight, environmentally friendly electric golf carts have become common for university commutes or traversing neighborhoods. When it comes to its longevity, a golf cart requires regular maintenance to help extend it’s life. Following basic maintenance tips can help you enjoy your golf cart for a longer period. So, how long do electric golf carts last and what can be done to increase their lifespan?

Even though electric golf carts are convenient and enjoyable to use, it’s essential to recognize that a number of factors affect how long they last. Electric golf cart batteries are one of the most important factors among others. The secret is to recognize the importance of these components and appropriately care for them. This will make your electric golf cart last far longer than it could.

Average Golf cart lifespan

Battery Care

Your golf cart battery keeps your electric cart running smoothly, providing maximum performance for lengthy and uninterrupted trips. Since the battery is the heart of your golf cart, you need to give it frequent maintenance.

The battery cells in your cart’s battery unit can degrade with time making it difficult to produce power. Preventing early degradation can be achieved with simple yet effective measures, including monitoring the water levels in lead-acid batteries and establishing appropriate charging habits.

Proper Charging Practices

Your golf cart’s deep cycle batteries are a vital component and must be treated with recommended protocols. Just as we wouldn’t skip meals, your golf cart batteries should have a similarly well-balanced charging schedule.

Although deep draining or overcharging may seem like harmless battery charging practices, they’re a quick way to shorten the life of your battery. Following the manufacturer’s charging instructions is essential to keep the battery in pristine condition.

Battery maintenance for golf carts

Drive System Inspection

The drive systems components are the essentials that keep the ride smooth while your golf cart navigates various terrains, from steep vistas to strolls. A well-maintained drive system makes every trip a smooth one.

Checking these important parts regularly can ensure that your golf cart runs well. Consider it as a bit of TLC for your cart: inspecting it for wear and tear, lubricating the moving components as necessary.

Suspension Maintenance

A golf cart’s well-maintained suspension allows you to zoom down the road. Your electric golf cart’s suspension is essential to a relaxing experience both on and off road.

You need to take good care of your golf cart’s suspension for effortless travel. Check for wear and tear regularly, and repair parts like shocks or bushings if it gets damaged.

Overcharging golf cart battery

Professional Servicing

Your golf cart needs professional maintenance service to keep it operating efficiently. Expert technicians perform scheduled maintenance that focus on the details of your golf cart’s health. While electric golf carts have lower maintenance needs than gas vehicles, professional maintenance can extend the life of an electric vehicle.

Whether your golf cart runs on lead-acid batteries or the newest lithium-ion technology, these professionals can find and fix problems that could go unnoticed during normal maintenance, extending the life of your batteries and the vehicle overall. Expert maintenance services should be carefully considered if you want your electric cart to function and operate extremely well.

Maintenance for golf cart suspension


After looking at the range of variables that affect how long golf cart batteries can last. It’s obvious that taking good care of the battery is essential to a long-lasting and dependable golf cart ride. Therefore, remember that with proper maintenance for your golf cart batteries, an average drive can become an incredible experience that lasts a lifetime, whether cruising the neighborhood or hitting the greens.

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