Looking for custom golf carts? Maybe a way to take your cart experience up a notch?

It’s easy to do with golfcarts.com

We have a wide variety of customization options that will fit within your budget, and we make it simple for you to select the ones that are right for you with financing that will help you get everything you want and need.

Our high-quality carts are perfect for all kinds of activities, and when you start to customize by upgrading your accessories, battery, or adding other features, you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of your cart.

Just take a look at how easy it is to get started!

Golf cart customization options include:

Battery upgrades

If you’re looking to extend your cart’s range, a battery upgrade is a great option.

We offer a variety of different battery options, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

You can’t go wrong with our Trojan brand battery or lithium battery upgrade.

Trojan – The Trojan battery brand is a trusted, dependable, tough battery that’s perfect for your golf cart. A great upgrade if you’re not looking to commit to a full lithium upgrade.

Lithium – The lithium battery upgrade for golf carts is the pinnacle of performance. You’ll get vastly improved range, and these batteries will not require maintenance, unlike lead-acid batteries.

Less to worry about and more time to be out doing the things that you love! Sounds like the best of all worlds to us.

If you want to work or play all day, consider a battery upgrade. It’s one of the first things we suggest doing when you start looking at custom golf carts.

With easy financing options available – this option just makes sense.

Brush guard

Heavy Duty Brush Guard for custom Golf Carts

A brush guard is a great way to protect you from damage.

It’s also a great way to add a bit of style to your MD cart.

You gain rugged good looks fitting of a lifted cart with big tires, and if you do feel adventurous and head off the beaten path, you don’t have to worry too much about what nature might throw your way.

If you plan on heading off-road, a brush guard is a great, affordable idea to increase your cart’s capability and toughness.

It looks great too! Visit a showroom to check it out in person. You won’t regret it. 

Stretch option

Leged Stretch Upgrade

If you’re looking for more space and passenger room, our stretch option is the perfect golf cart customization for you.

This custom golf cart option is available on the Legend and Pro models of our carts.

This will give you the ability to carry 3 additional passengers! That’s a big deal.

This means you could transport 7-9 people!

It also means that you’ll just have more room in general for hauling whatever you need.

If you want to bring the whole family and a few friends along, or you just require a lot of stuff for your adventures, the stretch upgrade is definitely the golf cart customization for you.

With the stretch option, you’ll be able to handle all your business – and in style!

We have great financing options available as well!

Extended top

Extended top for custom golf carts

Customers can’t say enough good things about this one! Our team loves this one too.

An extended top is a great way to keep items out of the sun or protect yourself from the elements.

When you’ve sat in the glaring sun then you know how important this option can be when you’re looking at a custom golf cart.

This top will extend over the very back seats of your golf cart, keeping passengers or gear dry and out of the sun. Hooray!

Golf bag attachment

Rear Seat Golf Bag Attachment

If you’re a golfer, this is a must-have for the course.

The golf bag attachment makes it easy to transport your clubs and keep them organized.

If you golf, you know how important this feature is. Being able to conveniently attach your golf bag to your cart saves time and room.

If you plan on golfing, grab this upgrade!

Inside storage basket

Above Dash Inside Storage Basket For your golf cart

The above dash inside storage basket is a great option for those who want to add extra storage to their cart.

It’s perfect for keeping your belongings safe and out of the way.

This is wonderful for families.

When you’re bringing the kids and the dog along, you’re going to need a convenient place to store all the little things they want to bring or need!

Rear armrests

Padded Armrests for back of golf cart

This is a great way to add comfort to your cart.

If you plan on using your cart for something like tailgating, these padded armrests can provide you with a comfortable place to rest when you need to take a seat and they come with cupholders!

The rear armrest makes it easy to relax and enjoy yourself.

Riding in a golf cart is already fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Enhancing it with rear armrests takes it to the next level. 

With these armrests, you may find yourself staying on the cart after everybody else has gotten out!

A little alone time with you and your drink of choice. Enjoy.

No matter what your needs are, when you start looking for custom golf carts, we have a customization option that’s right for you.

We hope this has shed some light on the options and accessories we have available and the ways they can enhance your cart.

We have stores and showrooms you can visit across the US, and financing is available so don’t wait another day to get the cart of your dreams!