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If you’re in Washington and searching for electric golf carts, don’t bother — can help! We provide robust and adaptable golf carts suitable for all users. is the best choice for your golf cart requirements if you reside in Washington or a neighboring state. If you’re searching for golf carts for sale in Washington, contact us right now.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle With

Buying new golf carts from gives you access to several entertaining features. See some golf cart models at our Beaverton dealership; we welcome Quincy, Soap Lake, and Rock Island residents. Get incredible discounts and specials at Virginia if you’re looking for a dependable all-terrain golf cart.

Using our golf carts, you can rely on to provide the best possible comfort and driving experience. We have the Legend and Beast models for those who like to drive safely and stylishly in the Washington area. Our shop in Beaverton, Washington, can give you a comprehensive grasp of our inventory. Call today.

Washington’s Golf Cart Dealerships

Our dealership’s sales representatives are skilled and equipped with the required golf cart expertise. We would happily answer any questions about how our golf carts operate on various surfaces or how often the battery needs to be charged. Everyone is welcome to visit the Beaverton, Washington dealership of, regardless of where they live—in George, Ephrata, Soap Lake, or Adco. 

Our golf cart mounts, cargo storage, and coverings might be a terrific addition to your golf cart if you’ve already bought one and want to enhance it. Get long-lasting, sturdy golf carts by getting in touch with now. A wide selection of electric golf carts and golf cart accessories are available at our Beaverton store.

Washington Golf Carts

Our Stores in Washington

You can test drive our golf carts in person by coming to our Beaverton showroom if you reside anywhere in Washington. Our sales representatives would be pleased to assist you in selecting the golf cart of your choice. There are several golf carts available for selection. Our Beast model is the best option for an off-road enthusiast looking for a golf cart that can provide peak performance. If you have any questions or concerns, you may speak with our sales professionals in the showroom.

Some of our golf cart models have standard features, but you may purchase golf cart accessories to gain only a few more functions. Our sales specialists would be happy to demonstrate various golf cart accessories and assist you with excellent service in selecting the ideal one for your vehicle.

Our Golf Cart Models

You may customize a golf cart to match your preferences and demands from a wide range available in our physical locations and online stores. Legend, Pro, Beast, and Rookie are among the varieties we carry; each is unique in its own right. Everything you need for off-roading, hunting, golfing, or cruising in luxury is available in our golf carts.


The Rookie, our entry-level golf cart, has excellent performance at a reasonable price. Driving on and off the road is made robust and safe by its six Interstate brand lead-acid batteries and 48-volt power system. It has standard safety features, including turn signals, LED headlights, stop lights, and a foldable screen.


The PRO golf cart is unique in both its functionality and appearance. It fits a variety of lifestyles thanks to its side flares, rearview mirror, special fold-down rear seat, black custom seats with a white sewn-in MD emblem, and many other excellent features. The PRO golf cart has a titan body and sturdy 12″ aluminum wheels for a smooth and secure ride. It’s a great option for those who like camping or hunting since it includes an onboard charger powered by six Interstate brand lead-acid batteries.

Golf cart dealerships in Washington


The Legend golf cart is the greatest option for owners looking for the newest and most dependable features. The perfect balance of use and flair can be found in this electric golf cart. In addition to Bluetooth audio and sidebars, it has a USB charging port and a rear hitch. Whether you’re riding the Legend cart through gorgeous Virginia countryside, on a golf course, or through metropolitan streets, it’s simple to find. Its elevated frame offers it more ground clearance, making it stand out and providing a smoother ride over uneven ground. The Legend should be a pleasant and safe ride thanks to its 14-inch wheels. Visit one of our nearby locations to have a test drive.


If you want a sturdy golf cart, “The BEAST” is the best option. The BEAST 48 and BEAST LE are two different models of the BEAST golf cart. These are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who like activities such as hiking, camping, and shooting. Its powerful electric motor ensures that driving off-road and in the wilderness is effortless. Its sturdy construction, enough capacity for equipment, and ease of operation make it a well-liked option for senior living homes and camping areas. For maximum power and features, go for The BEAST 48; for some flair, get The BEAST LE.

Golf Cart Accessories

Golf carts can be made to look and function better with any of our many golf cart accessories. We provide a large selection of golf cart accessories at because owners desire more features, customization options, and methods to personalize their vehicles. Everything from lift kits to batteries, windshields, wheels, tires, mounts, covers, baskets, cup holders, and more is available to let your golf cart stand out.


Our sturdy golf cart windshields block out dirt, rain, wind, and other objects for a pleasant ride. You may choose from various patterns, colors, and designs, including folding and colored options, to personalize the window to your preference. Visit our shop right now to upgrade your golf cart.

Lifting Kits

If you want to improve the appearance of your golf cart by adding extra ground level, we offer the finest lift kits for you. You may improve the appearance and feel of your golf cart with one of our premium lift kits. Check out the capabilities of your golf cart’s lift kit by visiting right now.

Golf Cart Batteries

Why Choose Us?

The personnel at understands how important it is to make the right golf cart selection. We aim for you to buy golf carts and their accessories easily and confidently. Our team goes above and beyond to help you finance your golf cart, respond to your questions, and update you. Our friendly approach and commitment to quality have earned us the confidence of golf cart owners nationwide.


Because of their in-depth expertise and the trust of golf cart owners around the country, you can rely on to be your go-to source for golf cart accessories. Every step of the way, our team is available to help you.

Customizable Golf Carts

Do you want to make changes to your golf cart? You’ve come to the right place. Make your golf cart your own by customizing it with our paint, decal, and upgrade options. We help you design a golf cart that is exclusively yours, down to the custom wheels, seats, and storage choices.

High-Quality Accessories

We don’t compromise on quality. We design and manufacture the best golf carts and accessories in Arizona. Make the most of our excellent accessories to improve your golf cart experience. With so many options in our inventory, you may find everything you’re looking for.

Contact Us

We at Washington’s are eager to assist you in finding your very own new golf cart. If you have any concerns regarding our golf carts or need assistance with maintenance, feel free to contact us or stop by our Washington shop anytime convenient. We are thrilled to offer you one of our top-notch golf carts.

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