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Looking for Golf carts in Virginia? has the perfect electric golf carts for sale. Our carts are highly versatile and durable, making them ideal for everyone. Contact us today if you’re looking for a golf cart for sale in Virginia.

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At, we focus on delivering nothing but the best. You get a variety of fun golf cart features when you use our golf carts. Whether you’re living in Farmville, Cumberland, or Keysville, our Fredericksburg dealership welcomes you to come and check out some of our golf cart models. If you’re searching for a reliable all-terrain golf cart, come to Virginia and avail yourself of amazing deals and offers.

At, you can be sure our golf carts will provide you with the ultimate comfort and driving experience. Our Legend and Beast models are for anyone who wants to drive around the Virginia neighborhood in style and safety. You can get a detailed understanding of our products at our Fredericksburg, Virginia outlet. So contact today.

Virginia’s Golf Cart Dealership

Whether in Dillwyn, Hampden Sydney, Farmville, or Crewe,’ Dealership in Fredericksburg is open for all. Our salespersons at the dealership are experienced and have the necessary knowledge about golf carts. Suppose you have any questions regarding how our golf carts perform on different terrains or how the battery needs to be charged. In that case, we will be delighted to help you understand those things.

Our dealership in Fredericksburg has a variety of electric golf carts and golf cart accessories. If you’re looking for a brand new golf cart, we have a wide selection of golf cart models for everyone. If you’ve already purchased a golf cart and want to upgrade it, our golf cart mounts, cargo storage, and covers can be a great addition to your golf cart. Contact today and get your hands on heavy-duty golf carts that last long.

Virginia Golf Carts

Our Stores in Virginia

Our main store in Virginia is located in Fredericksburg, the heart of the city, and close to everyone living nearby. Appomattox, Farmville, or Lynchburg residents can easily visit our Virginia dealership and check out our amazing golf cart options. We keep all our golf cart models in stock and readily available for anyone who wants to save time buying one. Do you need a golf cart for everyday use to run errands? Our Rookie or Pro models are the right fit for you. Are you a golf cart enthusiast who wants to turn heads while driving on the roads? Our Legend and Beast model will do you justice.

Our golf cart models are made for everyone. So, if someone doesn’t want all the features and wants a simple golf cart for a basic commute. In that case, they can choose from the wide selection of golf carts and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our sales representatives will be excited to give you detailed information about our golf cart models so you can choose which features you want.

Our Golf Cart Models

Our stores and online stores have a great selection of personalized golf carts that fit your needs and tastes. We have types like Legend, Pro, Beast, and Rookie in stock, and each one is different. Our golf carts have what you need for hunting, golfing, off-roading, or driving in style.


Our entry-level golf cart, the Rookie Rookie, performs very well and only costs a little. Its 48-volt power system and six Interstate-brand lead-acid batteries make driving strong and safe on and off the road. It has normal safety features like a screen that folds down, stop lights, LED headlights, and turn signs.


The PRO cart stands out because of how well it works and looks. It has side flares, a rearview mirror, a custom fold-down rear seat, black custom seats with a white sewn-in MD logo, and many other cool features that make it fit a wide range of lives. The PRO golf cart has strong 12″ aluminum wheels and a titan body, making the ride safe and smooth. Six Interstate-brand lead-acid batteries drive it and have an onboard charger, which makes it a good choice for people who like to hunt or camp.

Golf cart dealerships in Virginia


The Legend golf cart is the best choice for owners who want the newest and most reliable features. This electric golf cart is the right mix of usefulness and style. It has a USB charge port, sidebars, a back hitch, Bluetooth music, and more. The Legend cart is easy to spot whether you’re riding it on city streets, golf courses, or through beautiful Virginia scenery. It stands out because its higher frame gives it more ground clearance for a stylish look and smoother ride on rough terrain. With 14-inch wheels, the Legend should be a safe and fun ride. Test drive it at one of our nearby sites.


“The BEAST” is the best choice for people who want to be very powerful. There are two types of the BEAST golf cart: the BEAST 48 and the BEAST LE. Both are made for people who like to be outside and do things like camping, shooting, and hiking. The strong electric motor ensures you can drive easily off-road and in the wild. It’s a popular choice for senior communities and campgrounds because it has a strong body, lots of room for gear, and is easy to drive. Choose The BEAST 48 for the most power and features, or pick The BEAST LE for a touch of style.

Golf Cart Accessories

We have many different golf cart additions that can make these cars look better and work better. At, we offer a wide range of golf cart extras because owners want more features, changes, and ways to make their carts unique. You can find everything you need to make your golf cart stand out, like lift kits, batteries, windshields, wheels, tires, mounts, covers, baskets, cup holders, and more.


Our strong golf cart windshields keep dirt, rain, wind, and other things out so you can enjoy a more comfortable ride. You can customize the golf cart windshield to your liking by picking from various patterns, colors, and styles, such as folding and colored choices. Come to our store today to improve your golf cart.

Lift Kits

We have the best lift kits for you if you want to give your golf cart more ground level to make it look better. With our high-quality lift kits, you can make your golf cart look and feel better. Visit right now to see what your golf cart’s lift kit can do.

Golf Cart Batteries

Why Choose Us?

The people who work at know that picking the proper golf cart is a big choice. We aim to make buying golf carts and their parts trouble-free and secure. Our hardworking staff goes above and beyond to help you get funding for your golf cart, answer your questions, and inform you about any changes. We have earned the trust of golf cart users nationwide by being friendly and striving for greatness.

Experienced is the best place to find information about golf carts because they have much experience and the trust of golf cart owners nationwide. Our staff is here to help you at every step of the way.

Customizing Your Golf Cart

You’ve come to the right place if you want to change how your golf cart looks. We offer paint, stickers, and upgrades that you can use to make your golf cart truly your own. We help you make a one-of-a-kind golf cart by customizing everything from the wheels to the seats and storage.

High-Quality Accessories

We put quality first; in Arizona, we develop and make the best golf carts and equipment. Our high-quality items will improve your golf cart experience because we always strive for the best. You can find everything you need in our store, which has many options.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing tires for your electric golf cart, consider the area you'll be driving in, the weather, and how you like to drive. Tires that can handle different types of surfaces, like roads and grass, are called flexible tires. Also, ensure the tire size fits your golf cart properly for the best performance and safety.
The battery life of an electric golf cart depends on how it is used, how well it is maintained, and the weather. Newer lithium-ion batteries may last longer, up to 8 to 10 years. Good lead-acid batteries usually last between 4 and 6 years. Battery life can be extended by charging them regularly, keeping them in good shape, and not letting them drain completely.
Glaziers for electric golf carts are usually made of strong materials like polycarbonate or plastic. Acrylic windshields are known for being clear and not scratching easily. On the other hand, polycarbonate windshields are better at resisting impacts, making them good for use off-road or on rough ground. Pick a material based on what you want and what you need.

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Our team at in Virginia can’t wait to help you find your first electric golf cart. Feel free to use our contact information or come by our Virginia store whenever it’s convenient for you if you have questions about our golf carts or need help with maintenance. We’re excited to give you one of our high-quality golf carts.

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