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People of North Dakota, stop looking for a trusted golf cart provider because is here to save the day. Our golf carts are highly versatile, durable, and personalized vehicles that are made for everyone. Anyone living near Devil’s Lake deserves an electric golf cart from You could use your golf cart for a nice drive around the lake and other fun activities, too! So contact us today and get your hands on premium golf carts and golf cart accessories.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle with

Our golf carts aren’t only the best, but they’re also different from all others. Imagine getting reliability, comfort, and performance all from one golf cart that you get from us. Wouldn’t anybody want that? When you purchase a golf cart from us, you make one of the greatest decisions of your life because you will not be let down. Our golf carts come with high-end technology, which helps them achieve better performance numbers. Do you want a golf cart just for driving around? We’ve got the Rookie for you. Do you want to own a golf cart with great ground clearance and off-road capabilities? We’ve got you covered once again!

At, our customers get premium build quality, which is hard to find these days. When you drive around in your brand-new premium golf cart, your lifestyle will change, turning heads. Come to’s showroom today and get a feel for what our products have to offer.

North Dakota’s Golf Cart Dealership

If you’re around Minot or Harvey, come to our dealership in North Dakota and check out some of our golf cart lineups. The city of North Dakota is best experienced when you’re able to breathe in the fresh breeze of Devil’s Lake or Watford City. A golf cart from us will make that experience delightful for you.

Whether you want to buy a golf cart or golf cart accessories, we have it all. If you’ve gotten your golf cart and want to upgrade it to make it look cooler and more practical, we have a bunch of golf cart accessories in our inventory that you can check out. Our golf cart mounts are extremely useful accessories as you can make your golf cart more accessible with those. So contact us today!

North Dakota Golf Cart

Our Stores in North Dakota

If you live anywhere in North Dakota, you can visit our Fargo showroom to check out our golf carts for a first-hand experience. Our salespersons will be happy to help you choose the golf cart of your preference. We have a variety of golf carts to choose from. If you’re a golf cart enthusiast and want a golf cart that can go off-road and show ultimate performance, our Beast model would be the right pick for you. You can ask our sales representatives at the showroom for any questions and queries.

Some of our golf cart models come with basic features, but if you want to get only a few extra features then you can do that by adding golf cart accessories. Our sales representatives will be excited to show you golf cart accessories and help you decide which one would be the best for your golf cart.

Our Golf Cart Models

You may get an excellent assortment of golf carts that are customized to your tastes and style at our retail locations and online shop. Models of golf carts including Legend, Pro, Beast, and Rookie are among those we have in stock; they are all unique in their own way. With our golf carts, you may go hunting, on golf courses, off-road, and all while driving in style.


Our entry-level golf cart, Rookie Rookie, offers outstanding performance at a reasonable cost. Rookie offers a strong and safe driving experience both on and off the road thanks to its 48-volt power system and six interstate-brand lead-acid batteries. Along with the usual safety measures, it has a fold-down windshield, brake lights, LED headlights, and turn signals.


The PRO cart, which is renowned for its performance and flair, is the cart in our portfolio. We have golf carts to suit any lifestyle. Fender flares, a rearview mirror, a custom fold-down rear seat, black custom seats with a white sewn-in MD insignia, and many more thrilling features are standard.

For a secure and smooth ride, the PRO golf cart has sturdy 12″ aluminum wheels and a titan body. With six interstate-brand lead-acid batteries and an onboard charger, it’s a more capable golf cart choice for those who want to go hunting or camping.


With our Legend golf cart, owners looking for a cutting-edge and trustworthy solution have found it. With features like USB charging port, sidebars, rear hitch, Bluetooth audio, and many more conveniences, this electric golf cart is the ideal blend of features.

Whether you’re driving it on the road, on cart pathways, or through Arizona’s breathtaking scenery, this golf cart is unique. The raised chassis of the Legend cart is another noteworthy feature. It gives it more ground clearance, giving it a more fashionable appearance and a better ride over difficult terrain.With its 14-inch wheels, the Legend guarantees a fun and safe ride. Come test drive this golf cart type at one of our nearby locations.


For those seeking extreme strength, “The BEAST” is the ideal choice. There are two models of the BEAST golf cart: BEAST 48 and BEAST LE. For those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, shooting, and hiking, this golf cart was created especially.

With its strong electric motor, the BEAST electric golf cart provides optimal off-road and wilderness travel. Because of its tough exterior, ample luggage room, and smooth driving, it’s also a popular choice for retirement communities and campsites. For maximum power and functionality, go with The BEAST 48; for a touch of elegance, go to The BEAST LE.

Golf Cart Accessories

We provide a variety of golf cart accessories to improve the appearance and functionality of golf carts as we understand that owners need more features, improvements, and methods to customize their vehicles. A wide variety of golf cart accessories, including lift kits, batteries, windshields, wheels, tires, mounts, covers, baskets, cup holders, and other improvements to make your golf cart better, are available when you purchase at

Visit our store and see the selection of golf carts we have if you’re from Arizona.

Golf Cart Windshields

With our sturdy golf cart windshields, you can screen yourself from dirt, rain, wind, and debris. To suit your needs, pick from a variety of patterns, hues, and styles, including folding and tinted alternatives. Come to our outlet and get your golf cart upgraded right now.

Golf Carts Lifting Kits

Do you want to add extra ground clearance to your golf cart to improve its appearance? The best lift kits for your golf cart are available from us. Enhance the look and feel of your golf cart ride. Check out your golf cart’s lift kit possibilities by visiting right now.

Golf Carts in North Dakota

Why Choose Us?

The staff at is aware that selecting the ideal golf cart is a significant choice. Our goal is for you to purchase golf carts and their accessories with ease and confidence. Our staff goes above and beyond to assist you with financing your golf cart, provide answers to your inquiries, and inform you about updates. Golf cart owners all throughout the country have come to trust us because of our amiable demeanor and dedication to excellence.


You can trust to be your go-to source for golf carts because of their extensive knowledge and the confidence of golf cart owners nationwide. Our staff is here to support you every step of the journey.

Personalized Golf Cart Options

Would you like to alter your golf cart? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. Use our paint, decal, and upgrade choices to make your golf cart uniquely yours. We assist you in creating a golf cart that is uniquely yours, from personalized wheels to seating and storage options.

High-Quality Accessories

We never skimp on quality. In Arizona, we develop and produce the highest-caliber golf carts and accessories. Utilize our top-notch accessories to elevate your golf cart experience. You may locate anything you want in our catalog, which offers a wide range of possibilities.

Owning a Golf Cart North Dakota

With a golf cart, you and your loved ones can go on thrilling trips to all the amazing places in North Dakota. As you relax in your electric cart and take in the breathtaking scenery, picture yourself gliding across the difficult terrain of Fort Ransom State Park. With its peaceful ambiance and picturesque walkways. You can take your golf cart to the Prairie Inn in Carrington to have lunch with your loved ones. With your trusty golf cart by your side, visiting these breathtaking North Dakota locations becomes an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Golf cart covers


In general, electric golf carts are made to tolerate mild rain; nevertheless, they are not completely waterproof. Prolonged exposure to deep water or heavy rain is not recommended. If the weather is frequently rainy, think about wearing protective gear and keeping the golf cart in a dry place while not in use. Additionally, under rainy situations, take safety measures to guarantee the integrity of electrical components.
It is feasible to improve the performance of an electric golf cart by replacing its batteries. Remember that inappropriate modifications could nullify warranties and need modifying the charging
To maximize longevity and performance, electric golf cart batteries need to be maintained on a regular basis. This entails maintaining appropriate charging practices, cleaning battery terminals, and monitoring the water levels in lead-acid batteries. It's critical to do routine checks, according to the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations, and replace batteries as soon as they exhibit symptoms of reduced capacity or performance.

Contact Us

At in North Dakota, our people will be thrilled to assist you in finding your first electric golf cart. If you have any questions about our golf carts or anything maintenance related, feel free to contact us on our contact information or visit our showroom in North Dakota Fargo anytime you please. We will be happy to serve you our finest golf carts!

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