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If you live in Alabama and are interested in golf carts, whether for road use or for enjoying golf courses like RTJ Golf Trail or Kiva Dunes Resort, we offer a wide selection of golf carts tailored to your needs. Visit online store or visit our Alabama outlet to check out our various golf cart models and accessories.

Discover Excellence In Every Ride With Our Golf Carts is your premier destination for everything related to golf carts. We have a vast inventory of golf carts and golf cart accessories like windshields, tires, wheels, mounts, covers, and more. We also offer customization options, flexible financing, and special rebates. Explore your neighborhood and upgrade your lifestyle with our golf carts. Your next adventure starts right now.

If you live in Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, or South Mobile and have your eye on stylish, sleek, high-performing, contemporary golf carts, why not visit our showroom in person? Explore and buy our finest golf carts right here in Alabama. Your One-Stop Golf Cart Shop is your one-stop destination in the heart of Alabama for all things golf cart-related. Whether you’re looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation around town or a new way to explore nature trails and campgrounds, we have you covered.

Our exceptional service, extensive inventory, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the best choice for golf carts in Alabama. We also offer high-quality golf cart accessories for every golf cart model. So don’t wait to find your ideal golf cart! Visit us today to check out the stylish golf cart models we have in store.

Golf Cart Outlets In Alabama has been serving Alabama and surrounding communities for years, earning the trust of drivers across the United States. We are conveniently located in various cities in Alabama to better serve you. Whether you’re from Huntsville or Montgomery, shopping at is now easier than ever. 

Whether you’re a resident of Alabama or just passing through, our friendly staff at our outlets are always ready to help you find the perfect golf cart to meet your needs. You can also visit our online store to shop for golf carts and golf cart accessories on the go.

So, why wait? Visit us today and take home your dream golf cart.

Premium Golf Carts For Every Lifestyle

At, you will find a premium golf cart inventory that matches everything on your wishlist. We have models like LEGEND, PRO, BEAST, and ROOKIE, which have unique features to make them the best golf carts for almost anyone. 


Rookie is our entry-level cart that’s built to enhance your lifestyle. It is a stylish golf cart that offers high performance at a great price. Rooke comes with 6 Interstate brand, lead acid batteries that give you 48v power, making your golf cart powerful and reliable.

It comes fitted with turn signals, LED lights, brake lights, and a fold-down windshield. ROOKIE has a cargo bed that can hold up to 500 pounds. It has everything you need for a powerful and smooth drive. Experience it in person by visiting the nearest Alabama outlet.

Premium Golf carts in Alabama


Our golf cart collection features the Pro golf cart designed to offer superior style and performance. The Pro golf cart has a Titan body, 7-color undercarriage LED lighting, and strong 12″ aluminum wheels. Equipped with an onboard charger and 6 Interstate brand, lead-acid batteries, it is one of the most powerful golf carts on the market, giving you a next-level experience.

Its LED head/tail lights, turn signals, and stop lights enhance safety and functionality. The Pro also offers extra storage space and a 500-pound load capacity. Don’t wait any longer; visit our outlet today to take a test drive of this popular golf cart.

Golf carts for off-roading


If you are looking for a sleek and reliable golf cart, look no further than our Legend cart. It is the perfect electric golf cart for an elevated ride with Bluetooth audio, sidebars, a rear hitch, a USB charging port, and many other luxury features.

One feature that sets the Legend apart is the lifted chassis that offers extra ground clearance, so you’re prepared to drive wherever the adventure takes you. It comes with 14 ” wheels that ensure a smooth and safe drive on paved roads, hills, and uneven terrain. Drop by our Alabama outlets near you and check out the Legend golf cart model.


If you’re looking for real power, we have The Beast for you. The Beast comes in two variations: Beast LE and Beast 48. Designed as a hunting cart, it’s the best choice for people looking to elevate their outdoor golf carting experience.

The Beast model is an electric golf cart with a powerful electric motor that offers superior navigation through the wilderness and off-road areas. It is popular for outdoor enthusiasts like hikers, game hunters, and campers.  If you’re looking for the ideal mode of transportation for drives around campgrounds, nature trails, or other rugged terrain, the Beast is the golf cart for you.

The Beast All-Electric Cart is a cut above when it comes to efficiency, power, and sustainable living. Visit our outlet today for a test drive.

Golf carts for hunting in Alabama

Golf Cart Accessories

We understand that golf cart owners have unique needs. That’s why we offer golf cart accessories designed to elevate your golf cart’s performance. Our catalog has a wide range of golf cart accessories, including batteries, fixed and foldable windshields, wheels, tires, mounts, covers, baskets, cupholders, and more. Personalize your golf cart with the amenities that will change the game. 

Golf Cart Batteries

We make it easy to shop high-quality golf cart batteries on We provide dependable golf cart batteries that deliver consistent performance. Upgrade to more power or choose a lithium battery to decrease your golf cart maintenance requirements. With our batteries in your golf cart, you can enjoy uninterrupted adventures or leisurely rides around town.

Golf Cart Rear Seats stocks reliable, durable, and comfortable golf cart rear seats in a variety of styles. Upgrade your golf cart today with additional seating. Whether you enjoy cruising around the golf course, the neighborhood, or the beach, our rear seats are the perfect solution. Choose from various styles and colors to match your golf cart’s aesthetic.

Golf Cart Lift Kits

We have premium lift kits to elevate your golf cart. Our lift kits are designed to provide added ground clearance, improving your golf cart’s performance and giving it a sleeker look. If you live in Alabama and want to explore off-road trails, cruise around the beach, or simply drive around a gated community, our lift kits will take your cart to the next level.

Why Choose

Our team at understands that choosing the right golf cart is an important decision. We offer numerous benefits when you choose us to buy golf carts in Alabama.

Extensive Inventory

We maintain an extensive inventory of golf carts with models to cater to every person’s needs, styles, and preferences. We also carry a variety of accessories to complement almost every model. Simply contact us and you’ll find everything you need for your golf cart under one roof.


Want to give your golf cart your own personal flair? We have the solution. will help you customize your golf cart to match your style. We have years of experience and have earned the trust of golf cart owners when it comes to customizing your golf cart. Our customization options include custom seating, wheels, and paint jobs, among other golf cart accessories.

Easy Financing Options

At, you will get special discounts and affordable financing options to make your purchase easier and more accessible. Our team will help you find the best payment plan for your budget. Visit our store today or call our team for more information about financing options.

Golf Cart Experts In Alabama

At, we understand the significance of golf carts in enhancing your daily life. If you’re in Alabama, visit a outlet near you. Our team is ready to meet your golf cart needs.

We look forward to providing you with the best golf cart-related services, whether you want a convenient vehicle to cart around the grandkids or a tough traveler for your next camping adventure. Our golf cart models and accessories allow you to personalize your golf cartto match your style.

With years of experience and the trust of golf cart owners, is proud to provide you with the best base models, amenities, and customization options for your golf cart. So don’t wait! Visit your Alabama golf cart dealership and make your golf cart your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer various golf cart models for multiple purposes, such as personal transportation, golfing, and utility. Our four models are each designed with a different purpose in mind, ranging from casual driving to handling off-road terrain.
Absolutely! We provide seating, wheels, mounts, paint jobs, and customization options to make your golf cart uniquely yours.
We have a wide range of golf cart accessories and replacement parts in our catalog. You can find accessories like batteries, mounts, windshields, lights, and more to enhance your golf cart. Shop in person at our Alabama outlet or visit our online store.

Contact Us is your trusted partner for golf carts for sale in Alabama. With an extensive selection of golf carts, luxury customization options, and excellent customer service, we are here to make your golf cart ownership experience exceptional. Shop online at or visit our store near you.

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