As the golf season ends, it’s important to take care of your golf cart so that it works well next year. It is essential to store things correctly when the season is over, especially golf cart batteries, whether lead acid or more modern lithium batteries. So, how do you properly store your golf cart battery during the off-season? Keep reading to find out!

Putting your golf cart away keeps the batteries from dying too quickly, so they last longer and work better when you’re ready to hit the greens again. Using a battery charger while putting the battery away can help keep the charge level steady. This safety measure is crucial for lithium batteries, which are used in more golf carts because they are light and last long. By doing these easy things, you can ensure that your golf cart batteries last longer and that it is ready to go when the next season starts.

Clean The Batteries

It’s essential to clean out the battery packs before putting away your electric golf cart for the season so that they work correctly. Just mix baking soda and water to clean the batteries and connections. If any acidic waste got on the golf cart while it was being used, this helps get rid of it.

Electric golf carts don’t usually use lead-acid batteries. Instead, they use lithium batteries, which can benefit from this cleaning process. Preventing rust in the battery pack helps them last longer and work better. You should check the pressure and store your golf cart in a cool, dry place before storing it for storage. If you follow these easy steps, your electric golf cart will be ready for the next season.

Proper Maintenance of golf cart batteries

Fully-Charge The Batteries

Before putting your electric golf cart away for the winter, ensure the batteries are fully charged to get the most out of them. Ensure the batteries are linked, and the parking brake is set before putting your golf cart in a safe and easy-to-remember spot.

A crucial step is to plug your golf cart into a charger while it is stored. This keeps the batteries from losing power during the off-season, so they last longer and work better. While you leave the electric golf cart plugged in, you give it a steady, good charge. This way, when the next golf season comes around, your cart will be ready to go without any power problems.

Don’t Forget To Disconnect The Batteries

It is vital to separate the batteries from your golf cart before putting them away for a long time, especially if they are lead-acid batteries. This easy step stops the slow drain that comes from linked tools or electronics, extending the cart’s battery life. When it’s cold outside, this safety measure is even more critical.

Ensure the key switch is off first, then unhook the battery wires to remove the batteries. This ensures the battery won’t die when you want to use your golf cart again. When removing lead-acid batteries, it’s also a good idea to check the water level and add pure water to the top. If you follow these simple steps, the batteries in your golf cart will stay in great shape when they’re not in use.

Store in a Dry and Cool Place

Before you put your golf cart away for the winter, you must ensure it has an excellent place to rest. Find a cool, dry place, especially somewhere partially protected to protect it from high and low temperatures and humidity. This decision is essential for lead-acid batteries because the weather can affect them. Choose a place to store your golf cart where the temperature stays the same. This will protect it from the effects of changing weather.

Before putting it away for a long time, ensure the batteries are fully charged so they don’t die on their own after being inactive for a long time. By following these easy steps, you can be sure your golf cart will be ready to go when it returns from its break, with batteries still charged for a smooth trip back to the greens.

Store in a Dry and Cool Place

Use a High-Quality Battery Charger

When getting ready to store your golf cart for the winter, buying a lithium battery charger that is stable and made for long-term storage is a good idea. This easy step is essential for keeping your golf cart batteries at the right charge level so they don’t drain on their own when you store them for a long time. This safety measure is especially helpful for lead-acid batteries, which can lose power when unused.

A good battery charger can help the batteries last longer, so when you get your golf cart out of storage, it will have batteries ready to go. It would be best if you bought a good battery charger for your golf cart, whether you store it in a semi-enclosed area or for a long time. This will help the batteries last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

These commonly asked questions will answer any questions left in your mind:

Using baking soda and water to clean the battery leads to getting rid of acidic waste, ensuring the connection is clean, and avoiding problems that could happen while the battery is being stored. This step of care helps the batteries stay healthy and last longer.
It's best to keep the batteries plugged in and use the right charger, but it's also essential to check their charge level occasionally. Overcharging can cause problems, so keeping the battery at a good charge level without being connected all the time is best for its health.
Extreme temperatures and humidity can hurt the performance of batteries, so where they are stored is very important. Because you want to keep the batteries in a cool, dry place, preferably in a partially covered area, you can keep them in good shape until the next golf season.
Yes, it is best to use a cell charger that is made to be stored for a long time. These chargers help keep the charge level right without going too far, which helps the battery last longer. It's essential to pick a charger that works with the type of battery you have, like lithium or lead-acid.
Even though lithium batteries tend to last longer, keeping them in a cool, dry place is still essential. Lithium batteries don't need as much care as lead-acid batteries, but to get the most out of them, it's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions and keep them from fully draining while they're stored.


In conclusion, putting away your golf cart battery when the season is over is a basic habit that will help your electric golf cart last longer and work better. Simple but important steps like cleaning the batteries, charging them all the way, and removing them when you can protect against rust and self-discharge. Regular checkups and charges lower the chance of permanent damage by preventing too much discharge. In the end, these steps will protect your investment and ensure that your electric golf cart is ready for the next golf season with solid power and speed.

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