Electric golf carts have changed the way we navigate neighborhoods and recreational areas. Behind the smooth golf cart rides, there is a component known as “motor brushes.” With the passage of time, these brushes get old and can undergo excessive wear, affecting the performance of your golf cart. In this blog, we will tell you how to change brushes in electric golf carts.

Understanding Motor Brushes in Golf Carts

Before learning how to change brushes in an electric golf cart, we need to understand the basics first. We need to learn what these brushes are, where they are used, and what function they play in golf cart performance.

Motor brushes are pivotal in the functioning of electric golf cart motors. These brushes are typically made of carbon and maintain electrical contact with the rotating armature within the motor. 

When the armature spins, the brushes transfer electrical power, propelling the golf cart forward. However, continuously using these brushes can lead to excessive wear, decreasing power, performance and efficiency.

What are the Signs of Excessive Wear?

Before we delve into the replacement procedure, it’s crucial to recognize signs of excessive wear in the motor brushes of the golf cart. Common indicators include:

  • Brush fraying
  • Carbon buildup
  • Unusual noises (grinding or squeaking)
  • Decreased power

The Brush Replacement Process

Now that you have identified the need for replacement let’s learn how to change the motor brushes in your electric golf cart.

Guide on Changing Brushes in Electric Golf Carts

Step 1: Get the necessary tools & materials.

Before you begin changing motor brushes, ensure you have all the required tools and materials. You can get them from automotive parts stores, online retailers, local repair shops, or hardware stores.

  • A new set of motor brushes
  • Cleaning brush
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Owner’s manual for specific instructions

Step 2: Disconnect power.

The second step is disconnecting your golf cart’s power source for safety reasons. Remove the key, unplug the battery, and always follow the specific instructions given in the owner’s manual. If you are unsure how to do it, you can always call a professional.

Step 3: Locate the motor brushes.

Refer to your manufacturer’s manual to locate the motor brushes. They are generally located within the brush holder, which can be found easily on either side of the motor.

Step 4: Remove the brush holder cover.

Carefully remove the brush holder cover using a wrench or screwdriver to access the motor brushes.

Step 5: Check the condition of the brushes.

After removing the brush holder cover , examine in detail the condition of the existing brushes. Look carefully for signs of fraying, wear, or excessive carbon buildup.

Step 6: Remove the old brushes.

Once done examining the brushes’ condition, gently remove the old brushes from their holders. Take note of their orientation and alignment within the brush holder.

Step 7: Clean the brush holder.

After removing the old brush, the next step is to use a cleaning brush to remove any dirt, debris, or carbon buildup from the brush holder. Take your time to clean it and make sure that it is free from any obstructions.

Step 8: Insert the New Brushes.

Carefully insert the new brushes into the holder, ensuring they are appropriately aligned. Refer to the owner’s manual for guidance on the correct orientation.

Step 9: Replace the brush holder cover.

Once the new brushes are securely placed, reattach the brush holder cover using the screwdriver or wrench.

Step 10: Reconnect power

Carefully reconnect the power source to the golf cart, following the instructions in the owner’s manual. Always reconnect power sources following the safety measures. Getting professional help would be best if you are not sure how to reconnect power.

Step 11: Take your golf cart for a test drive

After carefully reconnecting the power source, start your golf cart and take it for a test drive. Observe and note any improvements in power and performance.

Step 12: Monitor & maintain

In the end, it is suggested to regularly monitor the performance of your golf cart to ensure that the newly installed brushes are functioning best. If you notice any issues or nosies, consult the owner’s manual or take your golf cart to the professionals.

Benefits of Changing Motor Brushes

Changing worn motor brushes restores the efficient power transfer from the batteries to the motor, improving overall performance of your golf cart. When you replace the brushes when they start showing wear, it can extend the life of the electric motor and help you save money on potentially costly motor repairs or replacements. 

Furthermore, new brushes ensure that there is effective electrical contact with the armature, promoting smooth and efficient operation. Replacing motor brushes is a simpler and more cost-effective solution than dealing with more significant motor problems that may arise from neglecting regular maintenance. 

Always ensure that you are proactively maintaining your golf cart personally or from the professionals.

Benefits of Changing Motor Brushes

Customer Considerations

For customers looking for motor brush replacement, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind. Let’s learn what those considerations are.

Price comparison

Comparing prices is always a wise thing to do before purchasing any item. Compare prices for motor brushes and brush sets across different suppliers. It is good to buy golfcart affordable items, but make sure you don’t compromise on the quality and performance.

Quality of brushes

Ensure the new brushes you bought are of high quality and compatible with your golf cart model. Choosing low-standard brushes may lead to premature wear and reduced performance.

Professional assistance

Changing motor brushes can be a DIY task, but customers who are not familiar with the process should ask for professional assistance. Professional technicians can ensure the selection of the right products, the use of professional tools and equipment, and the proper installation of brushes. Professional technicians also identify any underlying motor issues, which can save your money.

Customer Considerations


Let’s wrap this up! Changing motor brushes in electric golf carts is an important part of regular maintenance that can impact your golf cart’s power and efficiency. By identifying signs of wear and considering the quality of replacement brushes, you can ensure that your electric golf cart continues to deliver a seamless, reliable, and powerful ride on road and off road.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your golf cart and also enhances the enjoyment of your recreational golf carting experience. To master the art of changing motor brushes, you can also watch online video tutorials, read the brush replacement process in online forums, and discuss with fellow golf cart owners. 

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