As the name suggests, “electric golf carts” run on electric power, and that electric power comes from the batteries. Therefore, it is important to know the types, configuration and number of batteries used in electric golf carts and how all this affects the performance of your golf cart. In this blog we will tell you about how many batteries are used in electric golf carts. Let’s delve into this topic in detail.

Understanding Golf Cart Batteries

Before we learn about the number, arrangement, advantages and purpose of batteries in golf carts, let’s first understand what golf cart batteries are.  

Golf cart batteries are rechargeable energy storage devices that are designed to power electric golf carts. These are deep-cycle batteries, which means that they are designed to provide steady power over an extended period.  They are also designed in a way to withstand repeated charging and discharging cycles. Some key features of golf cart batteries are:

  • Ah Rating
  • Lead-Acid Chemistry
  • Deep-Cycle Design
  • Voltage 
  • Series and Parallel Connections

Lead Acid Batteries

Now that you understand why batteries are used in golf carts, let’s learn the types of batteries generally used in golf carts. The first type is Lead Acid Batteries, a staple in the golf cart industry for years. 

Lead Acid Batteries are further categorized into Flooded Lead Acid Batteries and Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. Among these two, Flooded Lead Acid batteries are the traditional choice for many golf carts because of their affordability and reliability.  These batteries need regular maintenance, like ensuring proper ventilation and checking water levels.

Lithium Batteries

If you are looking for battery types that have longer life , then you should choose Lithium Batteries for your golf cart. Recently, there has been a growing trend toward installing Lithium batteries in electric golf carts. 

Lithium batteries, particularly Lithium-ion batteries, have many advantages over traditional Lead Acid batteries as they are lighter, have long lifespan and also have higher energy density. However, keep in mind that they are expensive, which may influence the decision-making process for golf cart owners.

Quality batteries for golf carts

Configurations of Golf Cart Batteries

If you are a golf cart owner, it would be best for you to know every little detail about how you can enhance the performance of your golf cart and make it more powerful and robust. Knowing the battery configuration is one of those details. So let’s learn about it.

The number of batteries in an electric golf cart relies on the voltage needed to power the vehicle. Typically, most electric golf carts operate on a 36-volt or 48-volt system, and the number of batteries is set keeping this in mind. Let’s learn the difference between 36-volt and 48-volt systems.

36-Volt System

A typical configuration for a 36-volt electric golf cart involves six 6-volt batteries. These batteries are generally connected in a series, in which the positive terminal of one battery is connected to the negative terminal of the next. This creates a cumulative voltage of 36 volts, giving ample power to your golf cart.

48-Volt System

Electric golf carts with a 48-volt system generally use either six (8-volt batteries) or eight (6-volt batteries). In the case of eight (6-volt batteries), the batteries are connected in pairs, while in six (8-volt batteries), they are connected in a series of three. Both these configurations give a total battery voltage of 48 volts.

Configurations of Golf Cart Batteries

Space Considerations & Battery Compartment

The design of the electric golf cart’s battery compartment is essential in determining the types and number of batteries it can accommodate. Some golf carts are designed to accommodate certain types of battery configurations, and this becomes a limitation for golf cart owners who want to upgrade the batteries or switch to a different battery type. 

If you are planning to upgrade or switch batteries in your golf cart, we suggest you thoroughly check your golf carts’ specifications and compatibility before you make any changes to your golf cart battery setup. You can contact us if you are facing this constraint. We will guide you about the battery configuration, compatibility, and related space considerations.

Why Are Lithium Ion Batteries Preferred?

Not to forget, the choice of which type of battery to buy depends on your preferences, budget and your golf carts model. Lead Acid batteries are preferred by many and are a popular choice; however, Lithium-ion batteries are also gaining traction among golf cart owners because they offer various benefits. Let us shed some light on the benefits and explain why they are also a great choice for electric golf carts.

Longer Lifespan

Lithium batteries generally have a longer life than Lead Acid batteries, providing more value over time. Installing Lithium batteries in your golf cart is also a wise choice because they require comparatively less maintenance and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Higher Energy Density

Lithium-ion batteries are a good choice because they have a higher energy density and can easily store more energy in a lighter and smaller package. This results in longer-lasting power and also increased driving range. 

Still trying to decide which one to buy? Call or visit us; our experts will check your golf cart model and let you know which battery type and configuration will be most suitable for your golf cart model.


A Lithium-ion battery is significantly lighter than Lead Acid batteries, reducing overall weight and improving cart speed and performance. If you are planning to upgrade or switch batteries, you should get a consultation with our professionals to make a well-informed decision.

Why Lead Acid Batteries Are Preferred

Lead-acid batteries are still a preferred choice for many electric golf cart owners in certain situations, and some reasons are their lower initial cost, established technology, availability, simple charging infrastructure,  and robustness. 

It’s important to note that the choice between Lithium-ion batteries and Lead Acid batteries for electric golf carts depends on individual preferences, budget, and specific use cases. Choose the one that suits you the best. Or consult our experts if you cannot decide which one to buy for your golf cart.

Why Lead Acid Batteries Are Preferred


Determining how many batteries to use in your golf cart is simple. The number of batteries you use in electric golf carts depends on the voltage specific to the golf cart model. 

Most commonly, your golf carts will operate on either a 36-volt or 48-volt system, requiring six to eight batteries, depending on their voltage rating. When it comes to Lead Acid batteries, especially deep cycle variants, they remain a reliable and cost-effective choice for every golf cart owner. 

On the other hand, Lithium-ion batteries offer advantages such as higher energy density, a lightweight design, and a longer lifespan. The choice is yours; decide which one suits your needs. 

If you still need clarification, contact our experts and ask more about golf cart batteries. We would love to guide you so your golf carting experience becomes more fun and safe. Your One-Stop Shop for Electric Golf Carts

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