Owning an electric vehicle offers countless benefits and opportunities to make your life easier and more fun! From an outdoor adventure to a leisurely drive to the local store, our highly rated 5-star golf carts are the perfect tools.

Over the past ten years, the electric vehicle market has surged in popularity. Studies show that in 2021, the industry’s market size was over 178 billion USD. The same people also believe that the industry size will grow by around 22.5% by the end of the decade.

Since there are a lot of options to pick from, choosing the right cart for you can be challenging.

To help you out, we put the four best golf carts with good reviews below for you to uncover!

Explore our highest-rated 5-star golf carts.

1. The “Rookie”

If this is your first electric golf cart, look no further than the “Rookie.”

The cart’s layout and design are simple.

Even though it is a straightforward cart, it deserves all its five stars. Every feature of the vehicle is high quality.

Arguably the best part is the affordable pricing. 

You can snap up the bargain of the year for only $7,495.00!

There is no need to worry if you have a bad credit rating. You can finance the “Rookie” with terms available for up to 7 years.

This electric cart may be reasonably priced, but it is no slouch for tech and gadgets. Some of the features you’ll find on our five-star golf carts are:

  • Turn signals
  • LED Lights
  • 48 volts of power
  • Six interstate lead-acid batteries
  • Foldable windscreen
  • Brake lights
  • Two Options – back seat edition or golf edition

It’s a fantastic value for the money, but were previous customers impressed?

Tom S said, “I was looking for a golf-cart for quite a while. I was very impressed with the rookie cart I found through the golfcarts.com website. Had it for 4 months and we drive it way more often than we thought we would.”

You can get the Rookie in a golf version and a backseat version – making it custom to how you plan to use the cart.

2. The “Pro” 5 Star Golf Cart

The goal of the “Pro” electric golf carts is to balance performance with style. The silent golf cart weighs around 1248 lbs so we equipped it with multiple Interstate brand lead-acid batteries for high performance.

This five star golf cart has plenty of features you can add to the vehicle to boost its performance. Or items that will make your life more comfortable.

You can upgrade to a 56 ah lithium battery that can add up to 24 miles range. If you wish to take it a step further, you can select a 100 ah battery taking it up to a 39 mile range. Each one comes with a five-year warranty.

There are also many golf cart accessories you can choose from. You can extend the roof and even expand the cart and the number of seats with our stretch cart option. This will add a second row of seats behind the driver so there will be enough room for all the family.

As of 2023, this model is a highly rated five star cart is rapidly growing in popularity and is possibly the most in demand.

The Electric Golf Cart named Legend

3. The “Legend” Electric Golf Cart

People do not know that many new golf carts on sale today are old leases from golf courses that they have updated. Ours are brand new, and you can tell instantly with our “Legend” electric golf carts.

Driving a golf cart has never felt as relaxing as it does now.

The instant torque and power remind you of driving vehicles like a Tesla or other modern electric cars.

From the outside, it looks chic, and the stylish wheels make it look even more expensive. 

When you sit inside, you are surrounded by tech and devices. It feels as if you are sitting in one of the exclusive cars you’ve been dreaming about but at a fraction of the cost. 

You will find:

  • Two quality speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A USB charging port
  • 12v accessory plug

We added each feature to create a space where you want to spend most of your time. 

Many neighbors and passers-by will turn their heads as you drive by. It’s not because of any noise – our carts are completely quiet. It’s perfect if you have a business and you don’t want a loud gas cart distracting your customers or you’re driving around your neighborhood and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

This cart can do it all, whether you want to drink a cooler full of drinks in the forest or just take a short drive to a friend.

The Beast LE is an all electric golf cart with great reviews from owners

4. The “Beast”

Are you looking for the best golf cart for hunting? Then you probably already know the “Beast” is second to none.

With its aggressive look and camo pattern – it is evident that the outdoors and rough terrain are the Beast’s home ground.

It has a height of 75″, a width of 52″ and a length of 113″. Its most significant dimension is the 16″ of ground clearance. You can clear a lot of ground with this cart!

Ground clearance is vital for an off-road cart.

The clearance prevents items from getting stuck between the vehicle and the ground. You can glide over rough terrain and won’t have to take detours to your destination.

The “Beast” has all the modern conveniences of contemporary electric vehicles with a range of amenities to improve your hunting experience.

Storage trays, double gun racks, and a utility HD brush guard are a few reasons it is a five star hunting cart.

If that is not enough for your adventure-seeking lifestyle, you can improve and shop for “The Beast LE.” Its standout feature is The Beast XO Cage covering the vehicle.

The Beast is comparable to many utility vehicles with the aluminum seat kit cargo box combo with a tailgate!

An experienced hunter said this after buying the vehicle. ” Incredible torque, silent in the woods, and great for other uses as well.”

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