Heading to the beach soon? Why not make your trip even more enjoyable with a beach golf cart! These eco-friendly electric vehicles offer a convenient and fun way to explore the shore and engage in various activities. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some creative ways to use your golf cart at the beach and cover essential information about golf cart rental and ownership.

How a Golf Cart Can Make Your Beach Trips Better

Innovative ways to utilize your beach golf cart along the beach

Beach Transportation

That photo probably brings out some feelings in you. And they might not be good feelings.

We’ve been there, dragging that already heavy cart through the sand. Pulling with all our might and feeling like we’re not getting anywhere. No more!

A beach golf cart is an excellent mode of transportation for getting to and from the beach. Not only can it easily carry people and belongings, but using a golf cart at the beach also helps avoid parking issues and reduces your environmental impact.

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Picnics and Cookouts

Golf carts make it easy to transport food, coolers, grills, and other picnic necessities for your beach outing. Find your perfect beach spot, unload, and enjoy a relaxing meal with friends and family.

Sightseeing and Exploring

Your golf cart can take you on sightseeing adventures around nearby beach attractions. Explore popular landmarks, nature trails, or scenic drives that are accessible with your electric beach golf cart.

Sunrise, and Sunset Photography

A golf cart can serve as a mobile photography platform, making it easier to capture stunning beach photos. Be sure to catch golden hour shots and make the most of your beach photography experience.

Enhancing Your Beach trips with a Golf Cart

Getting Active in the Sand? Use Your Cart!

Sports and Activities

A golf cart is the perfect companion for facilitating participation in various beach sports and activities. With ample storage space, you can easily transport equipment for volleyball, Frisbee, Bucketball, beach yoga, paddleboarding, or kayaking. Organize your gear in the cart for quick and easy access, ensuring you can start your chosen activity without delays.

For paddleboarding and kayaking enthusiasts, a golf cart offers an efficient way to transport your boards or kayaks to and from the water. This can save you time and energy, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the water sports you love. With the golf cart’s mobility, you can also explore different launch points along the beach, discovering new areas to paddle or kayak.

Consider adding an awning to your golf cart for extra shade and protection from the sun or rain. This upgrade transforms your cart into a more comfortable hub for equipment, refreshments, or even as a resting spot between games.

Additionally, your golf cart can serve as a charging station for electronic devices, such as smartphones or cameras. With the use of an inverter, you can power small appliances like a blender for making refreshing beverages or an electric pump for inflating your paddleboard or kayak. The versatility of the golf cart, especially with these added features, makes it an invaluable asset for enhancing your beach sports and activities experience.

Mobile Fishing Station

Utilizing your golf cart as a mobile fishing station provides ease of access and helps streamline your fishing experience. With the addition of rod holders and other fishing accessories, your cart becomes a well-organized and efficient workstation. The cargo box can be used for baiting hooks, cleaning fish, and storing tackle. By having all your gear readily accessible, you’ll be able to get your lines in the water faster, increasing your chances of reeling in a catch. The golf cart also makes it easier to change fishing spots, allowing you to explore different areas along the beach without having to carry your equipment by hand.

Photographing the Sunrise and Sunset

Scuba Diving Trips

A golf cart is an excellent tool for simplifying your scuba diving trips. Transporting scuba equipment to the beach becomes a breeze, as the cart offers ample storage space for your gear, including tanks, wetsuits, and fins. Organize your equipment in the cart for easy access, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process.

The golf cart’s mobility allows you to quickly reach your preferred diving spot, saving time and energy that can be better spent exploring the underwater world. Additionally, the golf cart provides a convenient platform for post-dive equipment maintenance, such as rinsing and drying your gear.

Looking to buy a cart or just interested in a cart rental?

Cart Rentals vs. Buying Your Own Cart

When considering whether to rent or buy a golf cart for your beach adventures, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of both options.

Golf cart rentals can be a convenient choice, especially for those who only visit the beach occasionally. Renting allows you to enjoy the benefits of a golf cart without commitment. The downside to this is you won’t know what you get until you get there. Don’t you hate getting a rental and it not being what you expected? Maybe it’s dirty, or it’s been in an accident and they didn’t fix it. You have to spend all the time either picking the rental up or on the phone trying to get them to schedule a delivery. Not fun. Not on vacation!

Many beach destinations, however, do offer golf cart rental services. Renting a golf cart can be a cost-effective solution for short-term use but it comes at a price.

However, owning your own golf cart comes with numerous advantages. You’ll have the freedom to customize your cart to fit your specific needs, adding features and accessories that cater to your preferred beach activities. 

Owning a golf cart also provides cost savings over time, as the long-term rental fees can add up, especially for those who frequently visit the beach. Furthermore, having your own golf cart offers the flexibility to use it at your convenience, whether at the beach, around your community, or for other recreational purposes.

When deciding between renting and buying a golf cart, consider factors such as your beach visit frequency, the desire for customization, and your long-term budget. By carefully evaluating your needs and preferences, you can make the best choice to enhance your beach experience.

Enhancements for Improved Performance on Sand

Our golf carts equipped with a lifted chassis, large tires, and a lithium battery upgrade offers superior performance on sand, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable beach experience. These enhancements are designed to provide better traction, stability, and power, making your beach golf cart more versatile and capable of handling various terrains.

Street Legal Carts

In some communities, golf carts can be modified to become street legal, allowing you to drive them on public roads alongside other vehicles. Street legal golf carts must meet specific requirements set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and local regulations. These requirements typically include but are not limited to, the installation of headlights, taillights, turn signals, seat belts, and a horn. Additionally, the golf cart must have a top speed of at least 20 mph and may be subject to a maximum speed limit.

Having a street-legal golf cart offers the convenience of seamless travel between the beach and your home, campground, or rental property. It also provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cars for short trips around your community. Before modifying your golf cart for street use, be sure to check the requirements in your area and ensure that you are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Once your golf cart is street-legal, you can enjoy even greater versatility and convenience both on and off the beach.

Golf Car vs. Car at the Beach: Why Golf Cars Could Be The Better Choice

First off, did you know people called them golf cars? I used to think it was a typo but evidently, it’s not.

A golf car offers several advantages over a traditional car for your beach outings!

  1. Easier parking: Golf cars are smaller and more maneuverable, making parking in tight spots or crowded beach lots much simpler.
  2. Improved socialization: The open design of golf cars encourages conversation and interaction with friends, family, or fellow beachgoers. This is super fun if you go during a time when there’s a parade or somewhere where “cruising” is a thing. Spring break anyone?
  3. Accessible beach exploration: Golf cars can navigate various terrains, allowing you to reach more remote or challenging parts of the beach that traditional cars can’t access. Reach the hard-to-reach places!


Q: Are golf carts good on the beach?

A: Yes, golf carts are suitable for beach use, offering a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. However, be sure to check local regulations to ensure you’re allowed to drive on the sand.

Q: How do I keep my golf cart from rusting at the beach?

A: Regular maintenance and proper care are essential to prevent rusting. Rinse your golf cart with fresh water after each beach outing, and consider using anti-rust products to protect the cart’s metal components.

Q: Can electric golf carts go through water?

A: While electric golf carts can handle some water exposure, it’s important to avoid submerging the cart or driving through deep water, as this can cause damage to the electrical components. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation.

Conclusion: A beach golf cart from Golfcarts.com is an incredible asset for enhancing your beach experience. From transportation to facilitating various activities, a golf cart can help you make the most of your time at the shore. Consider investing in your own golf cart (we even have in-house golf cart financing) and enjoy the numerous benefits it offers on your next beach getaway.